Fascial Remodeling Therapy

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Most of the chronic pain we see is related to structural mis-alignment and postural issues. Often these were initiated by injuries that happened years ago and over time work and lifestyle habits reinforce these negative patterns.


After a while, it no longer matters which came first – the way you hold your body causes pain, but your pain causes you to carry your body differently.

Sometimes the pain passes but the compensation patterns remain, limiting athletic performance or even the range of motion required for simple daily activities.

Is the reason you can’t put a small box on the top shelf of the closet that it is too heavy or that you cannot fully extend your arms and trunk overhead anymore? Even people that might appear to be very fit can still have structural alignments that can still cause pain and other challenges.

Fascial Remodeling Therapy (FRT) encompasses many of the techniques used in trigger point therapy and other bodywork techniques. However, by focusing on the structural and connective tissue that runs throughout and around our muscles, FRT is able to literally “remodel” you.

slouching woman

As you stand taller, with an open chest, balanced from head to toe, you will move more freely and easily. Pain-related compensation patterns will moderate and you can finally erase chronic pain. Sound amazing? It is!!!

The process starts with a thorough analysis, literally from head to toe, of your body structure. We diagram precise aspects of your body in relationship to itself. We take a thorough history with a particular focus on any injuries, accidents, surgeries or scars you might have, however minor. Any disruption the to body’s fascial structure will transmit to some degree throughout the entire structure, so these clues are important.

The hands-on work of FRT moves very slowly and gently, yet goes much deeper than massage techniques and with minimal discomfort. The slow pace is vital to the work because “fascia” will only remodel under gradual, sustained pressure. Fascia is the connective tissue that make

s up the structure of our muscles – and the rest of our body. Without it, your muscles would just be a pile of hamburger.

The structural changes that develop in our bodies in response to pain-related compensation patterns takes months or years. It makes sense that we cannot overcome these changes in 20-30 seconds deep tissue work – no matter how well targeted. During FRT some tissues respond in a minute or two but most take longer – especially on the way to deeper tissues.

When applied properly, the gentle, sustained pressure of FRT allows overlying tissue to “melt” away so the therapist can access very deep structures without causing the pain of some techniques.

A small amount of properly applied self-care will dramatically enhance your FRT sessions. Our therapists will design a home self-care program for you that is tailored to your body, modifying it over time as we move closer our structural integration goals for you together.


FRT takes time. We move slowly and deliberately during our sessions and the treatment plan for Fascial Remodeling work involves a series of sessions that typically take several months, but lasting results are worth waiting for!

Fascial Remodeling Therapy will help you make real lasting changes that will complement your other fitness efforts. Stand tall, straight and proud of the easy, pain-free movement that you have achieved!

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