Natural Pain Management

pain free groupOur entire staff specializes in pain management. To many people, this term is synonymous with prescription of narcotic pain relievers – but not here! There are cases where these medications are necessary but they are tremendously over-prescribed. If we cannot help ease your pain without narcotics, we’ll tell you right away – but odds are that we’ll be able to help.

Most chronic pain has a muscular or connective tissue component, but there can be other factors in play. Some pain is visceral, some is neuropathic, some is hard to pin down. We start with a thorough assessment by a senior therapist. In some cases we may consult with outside practitioners or request certain test results.

Once we’ve reached a diagnosis we use a proven combination of treatment modalities:

  • Myofascial Therapy
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Fascial Remodeling Therapy
  • Acoustic Compression Therapy
  • Advanced Digital Neuro Stimulation Therapy
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements
  • Self-care instruction and classes