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pec minor

Opening the Chest

Stretching and opening key muscles in the chest is a vital step in the process of correcting head forward posture and rounding of the shoulders. These postural challenges cause chronic pain, limit range of motion and are precursors to more serious problems. Pectoralis Minor is a small, but important muscle that might be better thought… Read more


Improving Athletic Performance With Fascial Stretching

Sure, you can play through the pain but everyone knows that they perform better when things don’t hurt and move freely. Professionals aren’t the only performance athletes anymore. Many of the patients we have treated over the years are simply working to improve their own performance. Some are performing regularly in athletic competitions! We are… Read more


Pain is No “Gain” !

You can’t avoid the ads for diets, exercise equipment, health clubs and all things “fitness” in January. There are various reasons that most people do not stick to a new routine. Want a flat stomach, smaller butt, better toned chest and arms…? Sure, doesn’t everyone? We find these things attractive because in nature, they are… Read more