Hand pain, tingling and numbnesshandpain is becoming more and more common.

There can be many causes but most people think carpal tunnel syndrome heads the list. We've treated hundreds of patients that have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel and rarely seen a case with any significant issues in the wrist.

In most cases we find issues with the forearm, tricep, shoulder or neck are true cause of the problem. Other disorders, such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), can mimic the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel. The flexion of the neck, rounding of the shoulders and frozen position of the arms that is characteristic of both prolonged computer and tablet/smartphone usage is called "Text Neck". Text Neck can lead to TOS.

We are typically able to treat the associated muscles and teach you alternative behaviors that will reduce your symptoms. We can also do much of this during an online consultation.

There are other specific disorders of the wrist, hand and associated tendons, such as Skier's Thumb , Trigge