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Chronic Pain-Better Sleep Can Help

Sleep is a natural process when we rest and repair ourselves. In, fact a minimum amount of sleep is needed for survival. However, we need larger amount of sleep to be at our best. Ideally, we don't need to do anything about sleep. Usually, we get tired, we go to bed, sleep all night and wake up the next day feel refreshed.

Wrist Pain – Forearm Overload…

Decades ago, before I became a Myofascial Therapist, I routinely experienced pain when extending my wrists, making exercises like plank pretty difficult. Over time, it passed and returned occasionally, but the recurring episodes were brief and I didn’t investigate further. Two weeks ago the pain returned with a [...]

Are You a Weekend Warrior?

Weekend Warrior Syndrome We’ve all heard the term... It brings up the image of someone who works in an office; a couch potato or generally unfit person that decides to take on re-landscaping the yard or playing an epic game of softball at the family picnic... We assume [...]

Erase Pain Through Movement

I started taking dance classes years ago, after many rounds of physical therapy for an assortment injuries. I was awkward and clumsy, but I stuck with it for quite a while. I noticed that some of my nagging pains faded and my range of motion increased - even [...]

TMJ Headache – Myofascial Pain

If you have a TMJ Headache - Myofascial Pain should be on your radar! Problems with the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) cause pain in the face and head. In addition, TMJ disorders (TMJD) can cause myofascial problems AND myofascial dysfunction can cause TMJ pain, reinforcing each other. Sometimes, [...]

Low Back Pain – Paraspinals

Deep vs Superfical Paraspinals The chronic low back pain multifidi and longissimus cause can be severe. Of the seven primary muscle groups that refer pain into the low back these are the only two of them live in the lumbar spine. Note that the pain of trigger points in [...]

Reduce Stress Through Proper Breathing

We can all reduce pain and stress through proper breathing. Let's start with some very simple exercises. Chronic stress alters our metabolism and biochemistry to increasing blood pressure, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, weight gain, sleep problems and cognitive impairment. Stress always seems to find its way to most vulnerable area [...]

The “Core” of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is routinely listed as the largest cause of chronic pain in the US, responsible for more occupational disability than any other cause. This problem has deep roots in modern western lifestyles. Many people have been through an episode of LBP that was severe enough to be [...]