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Headaches and Neck Muscles – Intro

Headaches are often triggered and/or aggravated by a constellation of muscles of the neck that contain taut bands, trigger points and other dysfunctional segments. Understanding the relationships between these muscles helps determine approaches for treatment and as well as self-care. The muscles of the neck are part of a [...]

Chronic Pain-Better Sleep Can Help

Sleep is a natural process when we rest and repair ourselves. In, fact a minimum amount of sleep is needed for survival. However, we need larger amount of sleep to be at our best. Ideally, we don't need to do anything about sleep. Usually, we get tired, we go to bed, sleep all night and wake up the next day feel refreshed.

The “Core” of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is routinely listed as the largest cause of chronic pain in the US, responsible for more occupational disability than any other cause. This problem has deep roots in modern western lifestyles. Many people have been through an episode of LBP that was severe enough to be [...]