Knee Pain

Knee Pain2018-11-18T13:48:57-06:00

knee-painACL tears, worn out cartilage, knee replacements – lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The knee is a fundamentally unstable joint that is uniquely adapted to walking on two legs. Knee injuries are extremely common and can range from minor strains to complete destruction of the joint from arthritic damage or injury.

Instability of the patella (knee cap) and/or pain above or on the inside of the knee often results from trigger points in the thigh. Pain on the lateral (outside) portion of the knee is common on runners and is often traced back to trigger points in the glutes. Trigger points in key muscles behind the knee can cause pain and make it difficult to bend knee.

We see issues like this every day and help our patients resolve them and eliminate their pain.

However, there are few things more satisfying in our practice than spotting and correcting a chronic misalignment of the knee that might lead to a knee replacement. If we can help someone avoid or delay a painful and expensive knee replacement, that is a big win for everyone!