NeckPainWhat is your neck and upper back pain from? Whiplash from a car accident? A fall? Or maybe you can't put a finger on it. We typically refer to this as "Desk Disease".

There is so much sitting in 21st century life!

Many of us sit at a desk at work; we sit at a computer at home as well. We sit in the car, during our meals, while we relax watching TV...

We can all see the "slouch" - we see it in our friends, family, co-workers - and probably ourselves. Head forward, shoulders rounded...

This leads to neck pain and stiffness.The muscles and connective issues of the front of the neck, shoulders and chest begin to shorten. The muscles of the upper back become overloaded and weaken.

Many of the neck muscles begin in the upper back, so connections between the two areas are common. Neck issues can lead to pain, numbness and tingling in the hands, arms and shoulders as well.

Most neck and upper back disorders respond very well to trigger point therapy.  Muscle groups that contain trigger points that produce neck pain also harbor trigger points that produce shoulder pain and headaches.

For this reason, trigger point treatment protocols that address shoulder pain and headaches, should also address those trigger points that produce neck pain to effectively eliminate pain.