shoulder pain

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body. If you think for a moment about all the different directions that your arm can move at the shoulder it is quite amazing.

The shoulder is one the only major joints that is primarily held together by muscles instead of ligaments. This is why you hear more about shoulder pain from rotator cuff tears than injuries of the ligaments in the shoulder.

Injuries such as rotator cuff tears used to be the province of professional baseball pitchers and quarterbacks. Now, almost everyone knows someone who has had a rotator cuff repair and chances are she probably doesn't even know how the injury happened.

More and more shoulder pain today has less to do with obvious injury - or even repetitive stress - and more to do with the consequences of sitting with our hands working in front of us - whether we are at a desk, driving, eating dinner, watching television...

We spend the vast majority of our timing sitting with our shoulders rounded, our heads in front of our body and our shoulders quietly take a beating every day.

We see rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder, bicep tendonitis and other shoulder issues every day. We're able to help resolve most ca