Improving Athletic Performance With Fascial Stretching


Sure, you can play through the pain but everyone knows that they perform better when things don’t hurt and move freely.

Professionals aren’t the only performance athletes anymore. Many of the patients we have treated over the years are simply working to improve their own performance. Some are performing regularly in athletic competitions!

We are able to help using simple, easy therapy steps that don’t require much time – after all, you’re already working out.

We routinely help:

  • Runners
  • Golfers
  • Cyclists
  • Swimmers
  • Tennis players
  • Basketball players
  • Baseball/softball players
  • Cross-Fit, HIIT, Martial Arts and Weight Training Enthusiasts

We’re not athletic trainers, we’re not physical therapists – we are myofascial therapists that specialize in optimizing performance through reducing pain, promoting movement and establishing true “core” stability from the inside out.

Our fascial stretching method is based on a simple acronym – LSS – Lengthen, Shorten, Stabilize.

We LENGTHEN myofascia (muscles and connective tissue) that are too short. Common examples include hamstrings and hip flexors that reduce stride length and are prone to injury.

We SHORTEN myofascia that have been overstretched or weakened. This restores proper tone and function. For instance, weak glutes transfer strain to the spinal erectors and cause low back pain; overstretched rhomboids impact the kinetic chain of the arm and reduce strength.

We STABILIZE myofascia that are necessary for functional athletic movement. Observe the importance when trying to “cut” laterally in almost any sport – it is necessary for the quadratus lumborum to stabilize the connection between the hips, spine and ribs in order to transfer force safely and effectively to the legs.

We can help you develop true core stability, which is the foundation for pain-free, flexible movement in any physical activity.