Weekend Warrior Syndrome

We’ve all heard the term…

It brings up the image of someone who works in an office; a couch potato or generally unfit person that decides to take on re-landscaping the yard or playing an epic game of softball at the family picnic…

We assume the end result is going to be some sort of injury due to the unaccustomed level effort – and it is probably true. But it can happen to almost anyone and it doesn’t have to be that extreme.

It happens when we are not be used to a certain level of effort using a given set of muscles. You might have decided this was a fantastic time to trim that hedge. Are your arms and shoulders used to that? Maybe you are pulling weeds instead? Turns out that is hard on your hands – and to your back, it looks a lot like lifting…over and over and over. You might spend a few hours painting and staring up at the ceiling. How does your neck feel? Or perhaps decided you needed some cardio and went for a five mile run. Is that typical for you?

So what to do?

  • Take your time.

  • Take some breaks to rest a bit.

  • Take breaks and engage in some self-care and stretching activities after you’ve spent time at an unaccustomed activity.

  • Make sure you are well hydrated.

  • Use heat to help loosen up tight muscles before you start.

  • Use ice to reduce inflammation afterward.

  • Take an Epsom salts bath to help heal and relax your muscles

We see people in our practice all the time that have some degree of injury or dysfunction due to fairly routine activities that happen to be out of the norm for them.

So what does this mean for you on a practical level? Do you just let the snow sit there in the winter? Leave the house unpainted. Throw away your bicycle? Absolutely not!

What it means is that we need to bring the level of our daily activities more in line with the larger tasks that we tackle. We often don’t move enough, or in a varied enough way from day to day. Everyone is busy, but the cost in time and money of a significant injury is greater than we might like to think.

If and when we decide to begin some otherwise potentially healthful fitness activity we should work up to it. Of course, no amount of daily exercise would prepare me for spending hours trimming trees in my yard or clearing two feet of snow.

It is just common sense.

Keep moving as much as you can day to day and don’t bite off more than you can chew at one time. No need to make yourself a casualty in a weekend war that you did not need to fight and were not prepared for.

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Janet was great. FANTASTIC person who knew how to treat and deal with my conditions. Very informative. Finally, someone who knew what I was talking about.

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Really Good

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It was interesting, and helpful for my IT band and hip

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My experience was wonderful. Janet was very kind and attentive. I felt great after my session and would recommend to try it out.

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The lady that assisted me was awesome! I suffer from fibromyalgia and when I left I felt like a brand new person! I plan to return when I get time!

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Janet was great – knowledgeable and she found all my “hot spots.”

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Seriously, if you are looking for massage therapy that actually does your body good–that changes its function for the better and actually makes pain go away–then this is the place you need to come. Not Massage Envy. Not a chiropractor. You need trigger point from knowledgeable experts in the craft.

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If your have pain in any part of your body this is the place to go. It focus on the muscles where the pain is. you will feel like a new person. Awesome will be returning. Thanks nice friendly and attentive

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I felt so much better after my appointment. Thank you and thanks for the self care tips!

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Experienced therapist. Feel great after appointment…

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Highly recommended!

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What a great experience. The provider was able to recommend things I can do to improve my pain. Address issues I didn’t even share with her that she was able to tell just by her exam and treating me for what i went for. Will be back. Feeling grateful


I spent so much money on chiropractors. This is much better. Everybody should try it out.

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Beautiful, relaxing setting. Therapist was knowledgable and professional. I’ll be going back. Thank you.

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Janet is very informative. I loved that she explained which muscles/groups she was working on. I learned a lot about my posture and why some of my muscles are not activating. She also provided me with a list of considerations and excercises to improve my posture. I will be back!

Lauren C.

Janet has a unique gift and talent in trigger point therapy. I’m definitely seeing her again!

Jan S.

I loved my experience. Janet is extremely knowledgeable in a vary wide variety of conditions. She is thorough and attentive. Makes you feel right at home!

Jess L.

It’s like an hour of physical therapy (the good parts of P.T. where they massage you and stretch you). She also takes time to explain some ways to help your specific issues. Highly recommend!

Danielle S.

Janet is very knowledgeable and informative. She thoroughly explains where you have weakness and what muscles are over compensating. She gives exercises, stretches, or everyday changes you can make to help you are progress on your own. I highly recommend a visit!

Kate W.

Janet was very knowledgeable and never in a hurry. She took her time explaining every little detail, great service

Rosa V.

Felt much better after the trigger point massage, highly recommend.

Jacob A.



What About My Pain?

Clearly, everyone is different. Many of us have additional challenges and complications. Naturally, we tailor our treatment plans to the individual. However, there are common foundations in this work with everyone.

Fortunately, if you are having similar issues, you may find that a just few treatment sessions helps! We will identify and treat root causes of your individual case.

Clearly, everyone is different. Many of us have additional challenges and complications. Naturally, we tailor our treatment plans to the individual. However, there are common foundations in this work with everyone.

We are licensed professionals. In addition, we all have additional training and certifications in advanced techniques. For instance, this includes trigger point therapy, fascial stretching, neuromuscular and movement therapy. Also we offer kinesio taping, myofascial release, cupping, acoustic compression, self-care classes and more. In fact, we often combine several of these techniques into a single session..

Of course, no one wants chronic pain! Fortunately,  can work together with you to help sort out the issues.

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