Accident? Get Treatment ASAP!

Accident? Get Treatment ASAP!

Even minor accidents can set off a chain of events that can have serious life changing consequences. For example, the impact of whiplash may last for months or years. Fortunately, chances are that your auto medical payments coverage will pay 100% of treatment costs – with no co-pays or deductibles.

Minor Accidents Can Have Big Impacts

Recently, one of my clients visited us after an auto accident. The car that hit her wasn’t going very fast and she assumed any injuries were minor. She knew the protocol we suggested. She had filed a report and visited the ER to rule out acute serious injury.

Then she called our office to make an appointment with us.

Injury causes inflammation. We want to treat it early. This is key to a successful outcome.

The first treatment revealed some soreness and pain but nothing too serious at that time. I asked her to see her PCP and request a letter of medical necessity for myofascial and trigger point therapy.

She didn’t really want to come to the second treatment and considered settling. I cautioned her to wait a few days to make any decisions and come to the second appointment. This turned out to be very good advice; on the day of the second visit she was in widespread pain in the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms, ranging up to 8 out of 10 on the pain scale.

With gentle, consistent treatment, she gradually improved. We treated her a total of six times, taught her how to self-treat her pain and helped her get her healthy, pain free life back.

Be cautious and always allow enough time to properly assess any trauma from an auto accident. The consequences of a seemingly mild whiplash can persist for years if not properly treated!

When Should I Contact You?

Things to do immediately after a car accident:

  • First, if in doubt, seek medical attention to rule out a more serious or acute injury.
  • Then, File a police report and report to your auto insurance carrier. This may be essential when treatment is required later.
  • Finally, call West Suburban Pain Relief at 630-858-0000 for an appointment. We are trained to handle these cases.
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Professional Treatment With Us

Janet was great. FANTASTIC person who knew how to treat and deal with my conditions. Very informative. Finally, someone who knew what I was talking about.
Shilo C.
Really Good
Gini O.
It was interesting, and helpful for my IT band and hip
Osiris P.
My experience was wonderful. Janet was very kind and attentive. I felt great after my session and would recommend to try it out.
Carol M.
The lady that assisted me was awesome! I suffer from fibromyalgia and when I left I felt like a brand new person! I plan to return when I get time!
Pamala M.
Janet was great - knowledgeable and she found all my "hot spots."
Libbey P.
Seriously, if you are looking for massage therapy that actually does your body good--that changes its function for the better and actually makes pain go away--then this is the place you need to come. Not Massage Envy. Not a chiropractor. You need trigger point from knowledgeable experts in the craft.
Sara B
If your have pain in any part of your body this is the place to go. It focus on the muscles where the pain is. you will feel like a new person. Awesome will be returning. Thanks nice friendly and attentive
June D.
Maria S.
I felt so much better after my appointment. Thank you and thanks for the self care tips!
Margie K.
Experienced therapist. Feel great after appointment...
Yuliya C.
Highly recommended!
Stephanie Y.
What a great experience. The provider was able to recommend things I can do to improve my pain. Address issues I didn't even share with her that she was able to tell just by her exam and treating me for what i went for. Will be back. Feeling grateful
I spent so much money on chiropractors. This is much better. Everybody should try it out.