Our classes are small – no more than 6-7 participants.  Our instructors will meet you at your current level of fitness and work with you to improve from there – whether you are recovering from a recent injury or training for a marathon!

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Stretching Head to Toe:

For improvement in flexibility and overall mobility from head to toe, learn the basics of stretching one muscle group at a time. This class is designed to help you master the practice of stretching through simple-to-use techniques and rules for every age and body type.  During the class, we will reference Stretching Anatomy by Arnold G. Nelson as an informative guide to the best known stretches. Come join us and experience what it truly means to “hang loose!”

Basics of Myofascial Self-Care:

Learn how to keep your own muscles free of trigger points that cause chronic pain and reduced range of motion! The most basic techniques of myofascial self-care are similar for almost any part of the body. However, we also survey our classes at the start to make sure we cover any areas that might be of special concern for you. If you’ve wondered why all those years of stretching or strength training never gave you quite the results you hoped for this might be the missing piece of the puzzle!

Therapeutic Yoga:

This yoga class is ideal for anyone new to yoga and interested in its benefits. This beginner level yoga sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility and find focus. This class is moderately paced so you will learn the fundamental yo