The coracobrachialis muscle is a small muscle in the front of the shoulder. It is often missed as a source of pain in the front of the shoulder. It originates on the top of the coracoid process and proceeds out to the middle of the humerus between the attachments of the tricep and the brachialis muscles.

The primary function of coracobrachialis is to assist in flexion of your arm at the shoulder and adduction of your shoulder. It also assists the rotator cuff in stabilizing your shoulder joint when your arm is abducted.

Trigger points in your coracobrachialis cause pain deep in the front of your shoulder, and sometimes extending down the back of your arm, Referred pain can also extend to the backside of your hand and forearm. It will typically skip your wrist. You may have trouble reaching behind your back when your arm is raised and your elbow is bent. You may also have trouble reaching across your body.

Corocacobrachialis trigger points are typically activated from repetitive overload in activities with your arms outstretched, pushups, benching pressing, or throwing. This most often happens secondary to myofascial dysfunction in other muscles.

Corrective actions include postural corrections, trigger point pressure release, stretching, and avoiding activities that overload the muscle.