I Have a Groupon – What Should I Know?

We LOVE Groupon! We have sold about a thousand Groupons across several different promotions. Some of our best and longest lasting patient relationships have come from Groupon. However, we have found it necessary to clarify some of our policies for holders of Groupon vouchers:

  • You MUST confirm your initial appointment – A surprising number of people do not show for their first appointment. Therefore, we require positive confirmation for each initial appointment. We will send you an “Appointment Confirmation and Pre-appointment History” email that requests you reply to confirm. If we do not receive a reply we will call to confirm. If we are unable to reach you we will cancel your appointment.
  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours we will charge you for that appointment anyway. Please allow us to offer your appointment time to someone else if you are unable to come.
  • Please fill out the Pre-Appointment History form in advance – If you have not received the email with this form attached by the day of your appointment, please check your spam/junk folders. The form is comprehensive and will take a few minutes. We want to make sure we can provide as much treatment time during your appointment as possible. Be prepared to provide full identifying information on this form. Due to the nature of our practice we are unable to treat individuals without full, accurate contact information.
  • We only honor one Groupon per person. We lose money providing treatment paid for by a Groupon voucher. We do this to expose new people to what we do and hope that they will come back. We do not skimp on service and strive to provide the best possible treatment regardless of payment method. However, we will not accept multiple Groupons.
  • We don’t have a long waiting list for Groupon holders. However, we typically make new patient appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please keep this in mind when scheduling.
  • While most find our treatments very relaxing, we do not offer “massage” per se. We offer a range of treatments for the relief of chronic pain and restoration of normal range of motion. We will send you home with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes home self-care instructions. You will probably experience significant relief after the initial session. However, most find that 4-5 sessions are needed to break the negative pattern. The longer you have been in pain the more sessions, and self-care work, will be needed.