Hammer Toe Muscles…

hammer toes and foot pain

Hammer toes and foot pain are caused by trigger points in the long toe extensors (extensor digitorum longus and flexor hallucis longus). You may not be bothered by your hammer toes but they are an important symptom of imbalance for a skilled myofascial therapist.

Although these toes look pretty good, you may also feel pain from these muscles on the top of the foot and extending into the top of the toes. In addition, some people with trigger points in these muscles experience night cramps in their calves. In children, these can be experienced as growing pains.

If we have myofascial dysfunction in these long toe extensors, it can impact our foot mechanics, our ability to adapt to the ground as we walk, or plant our foot in sports activities. If you are a dancer, gymnast, aerialist or other similar performer, shortened toes extensors will limit your ability to point your toes. Why haven’t we heard about these muscles?