Hip and glute pain isn’t glamorous, but many people are living with it every day. Sometimes the pain is deep in the hip, making it difficult to lie on that side. It can also radiate down the leg to the ankle or extend to the glutes. Some refer to pain like this as ‘sciatica‘.

Gluteus Minimis

This pain is caused primarily by trigger points in the deepest and smallest of the glutes – gluteus minimus. It lies deep within the hip wrapped around the head of the femur.

Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL)

The tensor fascia latae (TFL) that runs along the outside of the hip can cause a similar pain pattern. “Tensor fasciae latae” translates from Latin to English as “stretcher of the side band”.

Because it is used for so many movements and is in a shortened position when seated, the TFL becomes tight easily. TFL stretches lengthen this important muscle.

A small case notes that “it seems possible that a sloped or banked surface could predispose an individual to a TFL strain.” In such a case, “treatment usually consists of rest, heat, and flexibility exercises”, such as lliotibial band stretching.

Disc Issues

Sometimes, we see cases where lumbar disc damage is causing radiculopathy