What is a Virtual Myofascial Consult?

Looking for answers from an expert? With modern technology we can use use HIPAA-compliant, secure video apps to communicate clearly without physically being together.

Telemedicine has finally come to myofascial care. Although you can’t get the incredible value of therapeutic touch over the Internet, we can offer you:

  • A complete history intake and consideration of those factors in designing solutions for you.
  • A thorough assessment and evaluation of posture, active range of motion and body mechanics.
  • A fantastic explanation of how your history, your personal habits and body mechanics are leading to your symptoms.
  • Guided self-care instruction that will help you feel better NOW!
  • Concrete steps you can take to reduce risks, improve body mechanics and reduce pain and other symptoms.

Obviously, there are some things we can’t do without physically being together. Nothing beats a hands-on session with the right therapist!

Why Use a Virtual Myofascial Consult?

  • You don’t live in the area
  • You can’t fit an office visit into your schedule
  • You just have some questions and need more information
  • You’re reducing contact and/or practicing social distancing

Sometimes, an online consultation is actually better than an office visit because it allows me to see you in your native element. I can see how you move in routine activities and help pinpoint errors in body mechanics.

First, schedule an appointment. Next, if it is your first consultation, fill out the HIPAA-compliant personal history form.

Finally, prepare for an informative and interesting session together. Let’s get started!