Here we are in the New Year and for most of us the pressure of the holidays is past. We’re well into winter, kids back to school, tax time and more. It never ends! However, you can can reduce stress through proper breathing. This can be done with some very simple exercises.

I don’t know about you but I feel that I struggle to do a good job managing stress. Research shows that the nature of modern stress has changed. It is chronic, intensely physical and 24/7. Smart phones dominate our attention and time, job demands have skyrocketed with insufficient sleep and overscheduled days. Add the recent “psychological threats” we see in the news; our bodies react as if we are under attack!

The result is CHRONIC STRESS that alters hormones to high blood pressure increasing musculoskeletal pain, headaches, weight gain, sleep problems and cognitive impairment. Stress always seems to find its way to most vulnerable area of your body, activating pain.

Basic Diaphragmatic Breathing

One secret of how to reduce stress is deceptively easy and effective. To relax and take control, try this simple deep breathing exercise. Exhale slowly and fully, expelling all the stale air in your lungs. Do not think much about inhaling – it will take care of itself. Keep your mouth closed and inhale completely through your nose.

If you can bring you awareness to your belly, try to feel your breath descending into it. Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t control it well at first. Just keep breathing.

This delivers more oxygen to your blood stream, positively impacting the brain and the central nervous system, bringing down those chronic stress levels and you can do it any time you need to.

We also offer great self-care instruction were we identify and teach you how to manage your stress levels in a positive, constructive way. Make an appointment today!

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