What should I expect from my first visit?

  1. We review your medical history and lifestyle.
  2. Assess range of motion, join mobility and pain levels.
  3. Evaluate muscles causing your pain and trigger points for tightness and tenderness.
  4. We will recommend treatment options, including lifestyle issues that contribute to your paint. You may need to make changes to reduce perpetuating factors and we will go over self-care techniques to contribute to your treatment.


The first time we see you Assessment is one of the longest parts of the session. We take a very detailed and thorough history. We examine you thoroughly, measure your range of motion and evaluate your various pain levels. Every session we repeat this process but each time we focus less on assessment and more on treatment and education. We don’t perform the type of diagnosis your doctor might.

For instance, we won’t tell you that you have tendonitis – maybe your doctor already told you that. In our assessment we’ll tell you what muscles or other connective tissues are being stressed and overused, perhaps leading to tendonitis. We’ll help you understand the behaviors that can cause and perpetuate tendonitis. And every time you come back we w