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I regularly provide self-care instruction as part of a treatment session. However, it seems like there is seldom enough time to cover the topic fully.

So, we’re offering self-care classes twice a week in our beautiful Campton Hills location. Classes are offered Mondays at 10am, Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 8am.

At $15/session, you can’t beat the price!
Includes effective use of rollers, tennis/lacrosse balls and “knobbers” – suitable for all ability levels.

Space is limited so book your first class today.

What is self-care? Some of think of it as exercise but it is both more than that and less at the same time. These are significant aspects to a quality self-care session:

  1. Background knowledge. We’re not going to medical school here. However, it is important to have some basic knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and specific techniques to address challenges you might be experiencing. In this class we will present more material than we have time for as part of a treatment session.
  2. Self-exploration. You are the expert in how you are feeling. In a treatment session, the therapist can feel changes in the consistency of your muscles and connective tissue and maintains a dialogue with you about it. During a self-care session, you are your own therapist, searching for specific areas of discomfort and variations in range of motion.
  3. Self-compression. Pressure release is the foundation of myofascial self care. You will learn where to apply self-compress for the best results, depending on what you have discovered in the self-exploration of your muscles and connective tissue.
  4. Range of motion. We typically run the body part associated with the area we are caring for through its full range of motion in conjunction with self-compress. We will review safe and effective ways of doing this.
  5. Stretching and conditioning. Some tissues typically benefit from stretches, some muscles need to activated or reconditioned to increase strength and restore balance with tighter areas. I will teach you how make the most effective use of a limited amount of time in this aspect of
  6. Movement training. Over time, the almost perfect movement patterns we are born with change in response to various activities. Educational, sports and recreational activities of children, and later, the demands of our occupations and modern technology alter these patterns. We’ll practice reprogramming these patterns.
  7. Perpetuating factors. We often say that anything that can cause an episode of myofascial pain will perpetuate it if we don’t eliminate that factor. We’ll review common perpetuating factors and discuss how to reduce or eliminate them.

Self care tools and other materials provided. Yoga mats available or you may bring your own. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Compression garments are not recommended for this class.

1 Class – $15

3 Classes – $39

5 Classes – $45

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Classes as low as $9/class with our special package deals!

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