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pec minor

Opening the Chest

Stretching and opening key muscles in the chest is a vital step in the process of correcting head forward posture and rounding of the shoulders. These postural challenges cause chronic pain, limit range of motion and are precursors to more serious problems. Pectoralis Minor is a small, but important muscle that might be better thought… Read more

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Strengthening Lower Trapezius

Our “traps” are divided into three sections. They have have radically different shapes, fiber directions and primary movement functions.Yet, this does still behave as one muscle. In particular, when our lower traps are weak or inhibited, our upper and middle traps will try to assist. Unfortunately, one of the primary functions of the upper traps… Read more

head forward posture

Strengthening the Deep Cervical Flexors

There are several muscle groups that can participate in flexing the neck forward. The most obvious ones are the SCM (Sterno-Cleido Mastoid) – plainly visible as “cords” in the front of the necks of some older, thinner people. Many people are unaware of the most important ones – the Deep Cervical Flexors, Longus Capitis and… Read more