What We Do

Our Approach

We go through a very thorough history and assessment of your condition and provide hands-on treatment focused on the cause of your pain.  We will likely suggest lifestyle changes that will promote pain relief and provide self-care instructions enabling you to directly contribute to your treatment.

Trigger Points and Referred Pain

A trigger point is an area of the body, hyper-sensitive to touch, that can cause pain elsewhere in the body and restricting range of motion prohibiting normal function.  This is known as “referred pain”.  A qualified Trigger Point Therapist is well-trained to understand how pain refers from one area to another.  This training is unique to Trigger Point Therapy.  Decades of scientific research has determined where specific trigger points refer pain.  Combining this knowledge with a physical exam allows a Trigger Point Therapist to confirm the referral pattern.

How It Works

Through examination, the direction and quality of specific muscle fibers of a trigger point can be located.  Once located, the trigger point can be released during specific hands-on techniques.  A single treatment can often bring significant relief, however, the longer the specific type of pain has been present, the longer it will take to resolve it.

Understanding your history, occupation, diet, sleep patterns, fitness activities and prior treatments will help us understand you as a whole person.  This knowledge allows for the design of a comprehensive treatment plan.