cold activation of trigger points can cause headachesSudden chilling of the muscles sometimes activates trigger points. The muscles in the back of the head and neck are especially vulnerable. Wearing a scarf and hat is a must for many. Consider the following real life case history. We shared this one about 5 years ago but it is just as relevant today.

Pumpkin Patch Headache

Sandy thought her young daughter would enjoy a trip to a local pumpkin patch back in October of 2012. She still remembers the exact date because a headache began on that day that lasted over a year!

It was only moderately cold and they were having a great time. Unfortunately Sandy did not have a hat or a scarf with her. The chilling of her head and neck muscles led to an intense headache that just would not go away. She tried everything. She even went to the Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with R