Decades ago, before I became a Myofascial Therapist, I routinely experienced pain when extending my wrists, making exercises like plank pretty difficult. Over time, it passed and returned occasionally, but the recurring episodes were brief and I didn’t investigate further.

Two weeks ago the pain returned with a vengeance to top of my left wrist and did not abate so I had to figure it out. I thought it had been prompted by carrying something quite heavy with my wrist flexed for a long distance. The only confusing part was I would have expected more trouble with my wrist or finger flexors, rather than the muscles that extend the wrist and fingers. That might have been more like carpal tunnel syndrome, which primarily causes numbness, tingling and pain in the fingers.

Although there is a lot packed into a small space in the wrist, it is actually a pretty simple structure that contains NO muscles. I hadn’t fallen or otherwise wrenched it. I was confident there had been no fracture or damage to the bones. It also seemed unlikely I had damaged any of the ligaments of the wrist.

So, I focused on the muscles in the forearm. The tendons arising off these muscles allow us to flex and extend our fingers and our wrist. At first, I relied on my background knowledge of these muscles and worked higher up in the forearm, focusing on compression of Extensor Carpi Radialis  Brevis while moving my wrist through its full range of motion. It helped a bit for the moment but no improvement day to day. And wow! The name of that muscle is a more than a mouthful. This is one of a group of muscles on the top of the forearm that extend the wrist to raise the hand up and back. The diagram shows the little finger side as well, but we’re focused on the right, thumb side…

In the meantime, someone came to see me with a virtually identical problem, lasting for three years and with no definite cause. This provided further motivation.

Eventually, I decided review the musculature of the forearm. Great idea that I should have thought of earlier because I had forgotten about an important player – Extensor Indicis! This is a truly tiny muscle, difficult to palpate without extension of the index finger – then you can feel it quite clearly. Compression in this area had an intense, burning quality, but as I moved my wrist through its range of motion, I could tell it had

So, out to do some yardwork and OUCH! The lawn edger I had picked up had just set it off again. This device has a handle designed such that you hold it from the top and the edge hangs down below. You hold the weight there and “aim” with the other hand. I had used this device for hours a day or two before the carrying the heavy object I thought triggerered my pain. I realized as soon as I picked it up that I had chosen to hold the weight in my left and aim with my right. I immediately switched hands, which was awkward at first.

I continued to use self-care techniques on my forearm and am continuing to see improvement. The moral of the story are two simple truths that we learn early on but sometimes forget:

  1. Myofascial treatment only works when you have assessed the cause correctly and treat the correct muscles
  2. No amount of treatment helps if you continue perpetuating the problem with the activity that triggered it to begin with

If you are having similar issues, you may find that a session or two to identify both the root cause and the tissues involved are helpful. I often explain that a big part of treatment is education, so that we are informed about why things hurt and what we can do about it. Sometimes even the most experienced therapists need a reminder too!

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Janet was great. FANTASTIC person who knew how to treat and deal with my conditions. Very informative. Finally, someone who knew what I was talking about.

Shilo C.

Really Good

Gini O.

It was interesting, and helpful for my IT band and hip

Osiris P.

My experience was wonderful. Janet was very kind and attentive. I felt great after my session and would recommend to try it out.

Carol M.

The lady that assisted me was awesome! I suffer from fibromyalgia and when I left I felt like a brand new person! I plan to return when I get time!

Pamala M.

Janet was great – knowledgeable and she found all my “hot spots.”

Libbey P.

Seriously, if you are looking for massage therapy that actually does your body good–that changes its function for the better and actually makes pain go away–then this is the place you need to come. Not Massage Envy. Not a chiropractor. You need trigger point from knowledgeable experts in the craft.

Sara B

If your have pain in any part of your body this is the place to go. It focus on the muscles where the pain is. you will feel like a new person. Awesome will be returning. Thanks nice friendly and attentive

June D.


Maria S.

I felt so much better after my appointment. Thank you and thanks for the self care tips!

Margie K.

Experienced therapist. Feel great after appointment…

Yuliya C.

Highly recommended!

Stephanie Y.

What a great experience. The provider was able to recommend things I can do to improve my pain. Address issues I didn’t even share with her that she was able to tell just by her exam and treating me for what i went for. Will be back. Feeling grateful


I spent so much money on chiropractors. This is much better. Everybody should try it out.

Polina D.

Beautiful, relaxing setting. Therapist was knowledgable and professional. I’ll be going back. Thank you.

Jo Ann B.

Janet is very informative. I loved that she explained which muscles/groups she was working on. I learned a lot about my posture and why some of my muscles are not activating. She also provided me with a list of considerations and excercises to improve my posture. I will be back!

Lauren C.

Janet has a unique gift and talent in trigger point therapy. I’m definitely seeing her again!

Jan S.

I loved my experience. Janet is extremely knowledgeable in a vary wide variety of conditions. She is thorough and attentive. Makes you feel right at home!

Jess L.

It’s like an hour of physical therapy (the good parts of P.T. where they massage you and stretch you). She also takes time to explain some ways to help your specific issues. Highly recommend!

Danielle S.

Janet is very knowledgeable and informative. She thoroughly explains where you have weakness and what muscles are over compensating. She gives exercises, stretches, or everyday changes you can make to help you are progress on your own. I highly recommend a visit!

Kate W.

Janet was very knowledgeable and never in a hurry. She took her time explaining every little detail, great service

Rosa V.

Felt much better after the trigger point massage, highly recommend.

Jacob A.



What About My Pain?

Clearly, everyone is different. Many of us have additional challenges and complications. Naturally, we tailor our treatment plans to the individual. However, there are common foundations in this work with everyone.

Fortunately, if you are having similar issues, you may find that a just few treatment sessions helps! We will identify and treat root causes of your individual case.

Clearly, everyone is different. Many of us have additional challenges and complications. Naturally, we tailor our treatment plans to the individual. However, there are common foundations in this work with everyone.

We are licensed professionals. In addition, we all have additional training and certifications in advanced techniques. For instance, this includes trigger point therapy, fascial stretching, neuromuscular and movement therapy. Also we offer kinesio taping, myofascial release, cupping, acoustic compression, self-care classes and more. In fact, we often combine several of these techniques into a single session..

Of course, no one wants chronic pain! Fortunately,  can work together with you to help sort out the issues.

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