heel and ankle pain fibularis

Trigger points in muscles on the outside of calf cause ankle and heel pain. Sometimes this pain radiates up into outside of the calf or down into the outside of the foot. Do you know anyone with “weak ankles” and chronic sprains? The weakness of inhibition from these trigger points can cause instability in the ankles.

Of course, we will briefly review trigger point referral patterns for these “Fib” muscles. However, this time, our focus is on the role of the Fibs in maintaining stability at the ankle. Like many other muscles of the lower leg, the fibularis group often works more to control movement than to produce it.

It makes sense. Balancing a broom upside down on your hand requires constant adjustments to maintain balance. From the view of your ankles, the rest of you is just two loosely connected broomsticks with a lot of weight up top. This means that many of the muscles that cross our ankle and the muscles that work on our hip work tog